Modern German Kitchens

Placed at the top end of the market in terms of style and quality, modern German kitchens can also be extremely flexible. They allow you to create a bespoke look from industrial through to sophisticated. There’s a huge range of visually stunning German handle-less kitchens available on the market and one site that particularly caught our eye is the Kitchen Design Centre.

But having invested in a new kitchen you’re not done yet! As every cook knows, the right equipment goes a long way to helping you achieve the dishes you want. High quality cookware means better food and happier chefs.


Many modern German kitchens have induction cookers nowadays. Neff induction cookers and hobs, in particular, are designed to change the way German kitchens run, making your hard work feel easy.

Induction cooking has the advantage of being faster and more energy efficient than using traditional electric cookers. Using this magnetic-friction based method of cooking means your pan bases must be strongly magnetic. Most cookware on our website is suitable for induction hobs and you can see a selection of the different ranges here. However to continue the German theme of your kitchen Fissler cookware products are a fantastic choice. Many pans in this range are perfect for induction cooking and if you don’t have an induction hob they are equally suitable on other cookers.


Stocking your new kitchen with gadgets and utensils is part of the fun but can be daunting. The best way to start is to make a list of utensils that you think you will need and then check them off as you go along.

Remember, knives can’t do everything! You need to invest in certain tools. Luckily, there’s an exciting range of high quality kitchen tools available from Rösle, another German brand, including whisks, strainers, sieves, graters, slicers, choppers, bowls, serving dishes, rails, racks and storage jars – in fact everything you will need to create that culinary masterpiece!