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Taylor Jam Thermometer


Taylor Jam Thermometer

With the Taylor Pro jam thermometer, there's no need for guesswork. It'll indicate exactly when your jam has reached 220°F - that all-important boiling point, where jam starts to set. Place it in your saucepans or maslin pans and the curved design lets it rest against the sides of your cookware, without the risk of it toppling over or getting in the way as you stir. The gauge features large markings, making it really easy to monitor temperatures - from 40°C to 200°C (100°F to 400°F). There are key zone markings too, so you can get the temperature absolutely right when working with sugar to make confectionery, or deep frying with oil. Measures 3 x 5 x 31.5 cm (1 x 2 x 12½ inches)


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