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Taylor Waterproof Digital Dual 14Kg Scale


Taylor Waterproof Digital Dual 14Kg Scale

Weigh wet and dry ingredients, directly on the platform or in a measuring bowl, and choose which units you want to weigh them in. These versatile Taylor Pro waterproof digital cooking scales give you plenty of choice. Place your solid, liquid or powdered ingredients in a measuring bowl or directly on the flat glass platform (if they're solid). They measure ingredients up to 14 kg (31 lbs) or 14 L (492 fl oz) in weight - making them perfect for most home cooking and baking tasks. The glass surface is stain and odour resistant, as well as waterproof so you can easily measure sliced fruits and veggies without having to worry about the scales becoming damaged. Simply give them a wipe clean when you're done.


If you would like to purchase or have any questions about the product, please dont hesitate to contact us:


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